When is the Best Time to go Fishing?

Have you ever wondered When is the Best Time to go Fishing?

The best time for fishing depends on the type of species that the fishers fish. The location also matters. Let us take bass fishing; bass fishing is best to do when it is the late spring.

when is the best time to go fishing

There is a reason for this because in the spring these fish will begin moving from the deeper waters, they will move to the staging area, which is a shallower part in water. When spring is in full form, they then move to the shallows to spawn.

In the late spring, the bass fish would be caught even before the lure falls into the water because they come out of the water during those times. It is the time when they pre-spawn. When fishing for them choose the early mornings and the late evenings.

The best time to fish trout is during the colder times. Trouts like to stay in 40 degrees Fahrenheit ranges of water. When the water temperature is as such, these fish tend to come to the surface, and it will be easy to catch these fish.

If you look in common, there are two best times where you could fish for any fish species. It is the dawn and dusk.  Most of the times the baitfish will be active when it is dark.

Fish like to stay in cooler temperatures of water so when the sun rays fall on top of the water and make the water hot, fish start to move into the deeper waters and the fish species that fishers are after will be hiding under weeds and logs. Therefore, midday will not be ideal for fishing.


When is the Best Time to go Fishing ?

The best time of fishing also depends on particular times of a year. Some fish species migrate and return back to waters after several weeks. The moon cycles should also be considered.

Some of the fish come up into the seas according to the phases of the moons. When you are ready for fishing, you will have to check for the moon positions as well as the star positions. Fish species such as anglers follow these positions.

The other aspects to consider is that fishing should be done when there is no heavy rain. Heavy rain is not ideal because at these times the fish go into the deeper waters.

Choose to fish when the weather is great because it would be the better time to go on fishing. In the summer, for fishing in the early mornings and late evenings are the best times and if it is in the spring and fall, the best time to fish is the dusk.

In colder climates, you could fish for icefish. Fishing also depends on tides. When there are tidal shifts, you will see fish moving in greater numbers. The baits, the lures that you carry for fishing also depends on the type of fish that you go after and the weather.

Giant flathead catfish will not stay in the same place. Cloudy days are also ideal for fishing times because there is no direct light penetration and the waters are in moderate temperatures. Night fishing in summer is also excellent in regions of Norway.

Where there are water currents, even you find fish in great numbers because they come to such places to eat food that comes with the currents.


Winding up

Before you go fishing, it is best to have a bright idea of the weather, the type of species you are going to fish for and the environment around. The location, fish species, the weather will determine the best time for fishing.

So now you know When is the Best Time to go Fishing. So Enjoy!


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