Kayak Transport Options and Store Properly

fishing kayakThis article supposed to enlighten you about the kayak transport options.

Kayaks have been used to hunt for fishing. Earlier the indigenous people used boats similar to kayaks to hunt for fish. The earlier ones were made of animal skins.

The use of kayaks can be dated back to 4000 years ago. Sports fishing on kayaks is famous today. Kayaks are used on both fresh and salt water.

Kayaks are inexpensive, and you could buy them at reasonable prices. They come in different models.

Kayak fishing is similar to fishing on boats, but the only difference is that they have all equipment fitted on the kayak itself.

You could choose a kayak among different models for you from the market for a reasonable price. Okay let us think that now you have purchased a kayak, but what are the kayak transport options.



The article will be a guide for you on how you are going to carry the kayak safely without any damages caused.  You have to know about how to move fishing kayak because the waters would be far away from the shop that you bought the kayak.

Other than the transport means, you would also learn how to store a fishing kayak, and how you are going to care for your kayak. The transportation of your kayak will be tricky.

When you are transporting your kayak, you will have to make sure that you are using roof racks. There are hard and soft racks available in the market. The hard racks are good because they are very strong and could put up with heavy weights.

If the kayak that you have chosen is a sit on top kayak, you could have it transported upside down, and thus you will not need of kayak carriers. For the different types of a kayak, you will have to be ready with equipment that is suitable for its transportation.


Fishing Kayak Transport Options

There are several kayak transport options for your fishing kayak. You might have purchased kayak and have no idea of carrying the kayak.

You could get advice from your manufacturer. Some would find it easy to transport the kayak on kayak trolley. The manufacturer will tell you how you could transport the kayak. The method that you choose to transport your kayak safe depends on the kayak type that you purchased and the terrain requirements.

Most of the time the sit-on-top kayaks are transported using kayak carts and trolleys.  The terrain type also matters. The terrains such as if you are entering the water via a boat ramp or do you have a lot of sand or soft ground to cross before entering the water matters.

Looking at these things, you could decide the type of transportation equipment that you are going to use. Some would use trucks to as one of the kayak transport options.

kayak transport options

How to transport kayak in a truck?

If you are going to transport your fishing kayak using a truck, here is how you could do it. This method is considered the best method of transportation.

You will just have to throw the kayak at the back of the truck and secure it with tie downs.  Leave the tailgate down, so that you will see the kayak sticking out at the end of the car. It would be more suitable if the truck has a hitch receiver.

Loading kayak on the truck and unloading the kayak on this type of vehicle is easier.  The Chevrolet trucks come with tie down loops low on the walls of the bed, and that makes it easier to secure your kayak correctly.

To prevent the sliding off of the kayak, you will have to have the strap gone through the handle of the kayak.


You could even have it transported on a car. Here you could use ratchet straps and pull down straps to secure the kayak. When the kayak is safely strapped to the roof, there will be less damage caused on the kayak.

Use pull-down straps to secure the kayak tightly. The answer for how to tie down a kayak on a trailer is that it is better to use either ratchet traps or nylon straps.

Below Video will give you an idea of how to transport kayaks on the truck. It is one of the easiest ways of kayak transport options.



Checking for Safety

Before you put your kayak on water, there are several things that you will have to check.  It is essential that you carry on operational check-ups.

Before you place the kayak on water, it is better if you could inspect the kayak for noticeable holes, or any other damages because if there are holes, your kayak will sink.  The other equipment on the kayak should also be checked.

You have to check your hatch covers, cables, buckles, straps and other moving parts for wear, and if they are damaged, you will have to replace the damaged ones before you take the kayak on the water.  All nuts should be tight and check the hull and deck before going on the water.



How to Store a Fishing Kayak?

You have to make sure that you store the kayak safe because if not with time, the hulls will deform or bend over.

Sunlight could also degrade the kayak hull material so make sure to store it in a safe place away from sunlight. It will be safe to store the kayak indoors or else another shaded spot.  Using a weather resistant tarp to cover the entire hull would also be excellent.

When a tarp covers the hull, it will be prevented from catching mould or fungal growth in wet conditions. The kayaks should also be stored off the ground because when it touches the ground, mould or fungal growth is more.

A kayak rack or wall slings will help you to hang the kayak off the ground. Strapping your kayak using tie down straps will prevent the kayak from getting damaged.

If you are a kayak fisher, the tips in this article will be great for you. These are the best tips on how to store a fishing kayak.

Keep these things in mind if you are going to transport your kayak from the storehouse to the sea.

Hope you have studied several kayak transport options.

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