How to install a fish finder on a kayak?

Fishing using kayak boat is most famous in the region where you have to use the small size boat in the river or lake. You cannot use the large size boat in the shallow water body. The kayak is small size boat, generally provides space for one or two people. It has many advantages compared to the traditional boats.

The size of the kayak will be small which makes it easy to maneuver in the shallow water and in the sharp turns. You will also find the foldable kayaks in the market which gives you the flexibility to pack the boat in the small bag and use it as the folding boat. Carrying foldable kayaks is very easy. You can keep the boat in your trunk and take it to the fishing.


However, kayaks are not suitable for the fisherman who wants to carry more stuff with them while fishing. It doesn’t accommodate extra stuff in the kayak. The limited space sometimes bothers people. Also, the small size does not allow you to attach more accessories to it. There will not be much space near the hull to attach the fishfinder device which is again a drawback for the fisherman.


Still, people who love to drive kayak to use it for fishing. It gives you a completely unique experience while driving the kayak in the water. You get a chance to reach close to nature and experience the wild animals and beautiful scenery.


If you want to use the fish finder device on your kayak then here is the installation procedure that will help you to mount the device on your kayak.



Choosing the fish finder

There is a number of companies who sell the unique design fish finder for the kayak. You can check for the specification of the fish finder and purchase the fish finder as per your need and budget. The high-frequency kayak will cost more than the normal kayak. You can read the technical features and decide which one is the best for your need.


Choose the fish finder according to the environment in which you are planning to go fishing. The lake and river both will have different kinds of the water body. The fish finder equipment is designed to support certain types of the water body, so always see the details of the fish finder while buying it.


Device selection:

The fish finder will be mounted on your kayak’s back of the hull. It is important that the device is properly mounted on the kayak to produce the best result from the device. However, each device will have a different mounting mechanism. You should check whether you can easily mount the device using the minimum tool. The kayak will have very little space; therefore the mounting equipment should be small in size and easy to mount with minimum screws or fixing the material. The large size mounting device may require big equipment and more space.


Mounting device:

Once you purchase the device, the next step is mounting it on the kayak in a way that it will not bother you while fishing. The device will have two equipment in the package. One will be transcoder which emits the sonar wave in the water to detect the fish, and another will be a device monitor to show the scan report.

The transcoder will be mounted back of the hull in a way that the transcoder will be underwater to produce the required amount of sonar wave. Remember the half part of the transcoder will be residing under the water. If it is floating above the water, then it will not be able to generate the data.


Before mounting the device put the kayak in the water and mark the points where the water reaches to your kayak. Fix the transcoder and make it steady using a bolt and screw.


Fixing Monitor:

The monitor will be mounted in the kayak where you can easily view the report without needing to touch the monitor screen. Kee the monitor in front of view so accessibility of the screen will be easy.

Most of the monitors will be a touchscreen with minimum buttons around the screen. After fixing the monitor connect monitor with transcoder to flow the sonar data to the screen.





Installing fish finder device on a kayak is very easy. You just have to take care of the damage it can make while installing. Do not make large size holes to install the fish finder. Try to do minimum damage to the kayak during installation.

The installation instruction will be given on the device so that you can follow that as well. The best place to install the fish finder is installing it at the front of the hall and keep the monitor facing to your eyes. You will not require a long cord to connect both the equipment, and it will work perfectly on all types of kayak boats.

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