How to install Fish Finder GPS Combo on Your Boat

fishing boatFish finder GPS Combo equipment is a useful piece of a technology to find the fish underwater. It saves a good amount of time which generally spent in finding the right spot to catch the fish.

The advanced technology enables the fisherman to locate the fish in the water affectivity.

By just activating your fish finder GPS combo on your boat you can scan the water for the potential fish underneath your boat. Once detect you just need to lay down your net to catch them.

Imagine how much time you generally spend on catching the fish in a traditional way. The equipment solves the problem and gives you the edge to find the fish quickly.

However, fish finder GPS combo requires proper installation to use it efficiently. Your device will not work effectively if there is a problem with the installation. You will find a hard time to find the right spot for the fishing.

How to Install Fish Finder GPS Combo on Your Boat

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The first step in the process is to understand your requirement. See what kind of Fish finder combo will fit on your boat. Check the installation guide and the suggestion given on the package. Choose the appropriate device that suits your boat.


The transducer is the device that attached to the back of the boat which transmits sonar waves in the water. The transducer will not work properly until it is fully submerged in the water. The water traveling across the sensor surface must be smooth.

The bubble or choppy water waves can interface with the equipment and the outcome will be disappointing. Install the transducer at the back of the boat under water. Fix it properly with the bolt so it will not move with movement of the boat. It should be steady and submerge in the water to perform perfectly.


The fish finder comes with the GPS enabled display screen. You will be using the screen to watch the sensor data collected by the transducer. The sonar information will be depicted on the screen with specific details. It will tell you what is happening under the water.

If there is a school of fish under your boat then it will be presented on the screen. Mount the screen on your dashboard where you can comfortably view while driving the boat. You will receive a kit with the device that will help you to attach the screen with the help of bolt and screen holder stand.


Once the transducer and screen is placed in the right position. The final step in the installation is connecting both the devices with cables. Your fish finder kit will have connection cable. Use one side of the cord to connect the transducer and the other end will go to the GPS screen.

Once both are connected, you can follow the instruction presented on the screen to start the device. The device will activate the transducer and the sonar waves start collecting the data.


After the installation is done successfully. Now it is time to test the devices in the water. Go to the deep water and switch on the fish finder device. The transducer will activate the sonar system and start sending the sonar waves in the water. The transducer will collect the information and it will be presented on your screen.

Check for the small dots on the screen. The dots presented on the screen which resides between your boat and the seabed is the fish. You will see those dots are moving with the new data that collected by the transducer. If there is a school of fish or the large size fish available under your boat then it will display as a big dots on your screen.


Now you know How to install fish finder GPS combo on your boat. so get one today and start fishing by taking help of new technology.


Fish finder

Fish Finders

There are several kinds of GPS fish finder combos available in the market. Some are more advanced in producing the high-frequency sonic waves. The new GPS fish finders also provide the digital graphics screen that shows the fish in the animated icons.

This enables you to easily understand the data presented on the screen. For the new users, it might take some time to learn the process of how to use it effectively. Many people find a hard time reading the screen as those data are presented in the old pattern, but with the little practice, you will understand the features of the fish finder GPS combo.

Fish finder GPS device technology is constantly upgrading. The data is now produced and analyzed much effectively by these devices. When you are buying the fish finder combo get the recommendation from the expert. See what kind of device is better for your need.

The small boat doesn’t require the expensive device. The big vessel generally does fishing in the deep water so for them they need a big device that produces high-frequency sonar waves in deep water. Understanding your need will save you lots of money. so get one for your boat and start fishing.

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