How to Clean Fishing Kayak?

If you have a fishing kayak, then you will also have to know how you are going to maintain it. You will have to see how you are going to clean your fishing kayak. If you want to have your kayak free from scratches, then you should wash and then polish your kayak.

Once in a while if you clean your kayak, then the kayak could be protected from UV damage, acid rain damage, and staining. When you clean your kayak, you will see that it comes with a new look and is glossy.

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What do you need to clean your fishing kayak?

Here is a list of things that would be needed to clean fishing kayaks. A bucket, a garden hose, a sponge, terry cloths, micro-fibre cloths, latex gloves and a bit of car or boat wash soap solution will be needed.

Other necessary solutions include FSR (Fiberglass Stain Remover), Cleaner wax and plastic protectants. Fiberglass stain removers will remove stains easily on the surface and wax will work miracles. It is also very great at removing stains on its surfaces.

After polishing is done, it will leave a beautiful glossy coat with a protective finish. You could also apply a preferred marine wax.


Let’s start the clean fishing kayak

Here is how you could get along with the kayak fish cleaning process. The first thing is that you will wash the kayak, using a garden hose. You will have to do this at the beginning because then it removes surface dirt, pollen, and debris.

Now your kayak is wet, and so you will have to take a sponge and then soak it in the soap or water solution. Using the solvent or water solution, you will have to rub gently on the kayak. Now it will remove dirt and debris that has been stuck on the kayak.

Once this step is over, you will have to rinse off the surface using the garden hose and have your kayak dried using an air dryer or using a towel. The next thing to do is you will have to remove deep surface stains on your hull. The hull will get stained by pond scum, seaweed, bird droppings, or rust.

You will have to turn your kayak over and scrub wearing your latex gloves. Use some FSR to do the scrubbing. Using a brush apply the FSR to the entire surface of the hull and then spread it. Next, leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, wash off using the hose.

After this step is done, it is time to go to the polishing process. You will have to polish the hull and the deck. Use small circular motions up and down the kayak to rub the kayak. Check again whether there are more marks left and put an extra effort to scrub them off as well. You should clean until the kayak surface looks glossy.


In a nutshell

If it is the first fishing trip that you are ready to go, it is better that you have a clean kayak. A clean kayak will allow you to enjoy your trip. Before storing your kayak also it is better to have it cleaned and in good condition.

When cleaning, you have to be ready with some brushes and a few sponges. You could scrub off the dust, sand, and other debris on your kayak and give it a new look. After the cleaning is done, you will have to let the kayak dry before you take it out and go on fishing.

That’s how you could clean the fishing kayak.

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