History of Fish Finders that Changed the Industry

Fish finder technology evolved over the period of time. In 1948, the first fishfinder device was developed in Nagasaki, Japan. Two brother from Japan, Kiyotaka, and Kiyokata who was also the founder of the small marine electrical company in a small port developed first technology that enabled the fisherman to detect potential fish underwater.

The new technology was excellent to detect fish. It received instant mouth promotion after it is launch publically. Many fishermen started using the device while fishing and they found the device works great.

fish finder history

Kiyotaka and Kiyokata Brothers

One day, they both were having a chat with one of the experienced fishermen. The experienced fisherman told the brother that he knows where the fish are and he can guess its quantity as well. In this private talk between Furnuno brother and the fisherman provided initial inspiration to make their own fish finder device that finds the fish accurately and detects their location. The fisherman also told them that he looks for the Air bubbles in the water. This was the strategy to find the fish in the early days. If you detect air bubble in the water that says there are fish school down below.


Soundwave was a well-known fact in those days. People knew that the sound wave reflects when it hits against a bubble. So Furnuno brother decided to use the sound wave to detect the fish in the water. The conversation with the experienced fisherman helped the Furnuno brother to find the key element that requires to develop fish finders.


Kiyotake, the older brother started building the first fish finder by using the scrap material at the age of 16. He failed in several attempts. His younger brother Kiyokata was helping in installing the prototype onboard and test the device in the water. He also failed to detect the fish on several occasion. He noticed many times the device gives false alarms.



Companies started their own fish finders


However, the gradually improve the equipment to lead the device to successfully fish finding device. Later the local fish finder found the device is beneficial and they started using it on their boats and fishing kayaks. Many big vessels assembled the fish finder device on their boats and started using it to find fish in the deep water. It proved that the fish finder is effective equipment to catch a good amount of fish. For Kiyokata’s achievement, the local people named him “Got of Sardine.”


Since then many companies started their own fish finder devices and improved the core technology. The early fish finder device was using the sound wave to detect the fish. After the sonar technology is discovered, the fish finder device was got its ultimate solution to detect the fish with high accuracy. The sonar waves are made of high-frequency radio waves that easily penetrate the water and reaches a long distance. The fish finder devices use the sonar wave to find the school of fish underwater. Once the sonar wave is broadcasted, it reaches distance. If it hit the strong surface or anything between the sonar it, it bounces back to the device receives which analyzes and tell the device where the potential fish is available.

fish finder device for fishing


If we see the history of fish finders, the invention of the fish finder device helped the fisherman to use their time effectively and catch the maximum fish during the fishing. Now they do not have to roam around in the water to find the school of fish. They can simply activate the fish finder device and get the accurate information of the underwater fish. The fish finder device revolutionized the fish industry and mitigated the problem which generally the fisherman used to face.

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