5 Amazing Health Benefits of Kayaking

kayaking health benefitsKayaking is one of the best sports in the world that gives you the advantage to roam around in the deep water without any barrier. Go close to nature and explore the hidden world.

Kayaking is a great exercise which allows your overall body muscles to perform during the kayaking.

In addition to that, you get to spend your time alone with yourself. In the middle of the water, you will experience complete calmness.


The beautiful scenery helps you to reduce the stress and provides you new energy. You will feel harmony during the kayaking and be with the wildlife. The small size of the kayak makes it flexible. You can easily carry your kayak and walk from one place to another.

If you are kayaking in the river located in the forest, then there will be several occasion when you have to stop at some place and carry your kayak to reach next deep water.



Some Health Benefit you can Enjoy during Kayaking


1) Weight Loss:

Kayaking requires you to use your body muscles especially the hand muscles to move it forward. The long-distance kayaking requires you to move the paddle to move the kayak ahead consistently. Some facts show that to travel five mph in the kayak require you to use 0.1 hp of efforts.

The 0.1 hp is equivalent to burning about 100 calories per hour. Moreover, the four hours of paddling will burn up to 1600 calories. If you are planning to reduce your extra weight, then kayaking can be the better option.weight loss kayaking

2) Reduces stress:

While moving in the water, you will sense the individualness. Your surrounding will be peaceful which makes your mind relax. As you move into the deep water or in the forest river, the beautiful scenery around you will make you calm.

You will have a feeling of freedom during the kayaking. You can go anywhere you want without any barrier. Spending a few hours under the blue sky watching the surrounding will mesmerize you. Kayaking is an enjoyable sport that gives the person time to spend alone from our busy lives.


3) Body workout:

You will be using the paddle to drive the kayak in the water. The consistent paddling requires strong body muscles. Over the period of time, you will notice your upper body has developed the strength and you can able to move the paddle quickly with hard stroke in the water.

Your upper body will develop core strength and give you the first muscle. Your muscle will be tone up after spending some time kayaking.


4) Build Mental Health:

We generally do not get much time to spend alone. Our digital world is quite noisy and does not allow us to stay away from this noise. Paddling a kayak has proven the great solution to develop good mental health. The paddle is a kind of aerobic exercise that affects the chemicals in the brain that quickly improves your mood.

If you are depressed, stressed or just need alone space to spend with your thought then kayaking is the best option to boost your energy and prepare for the next challenge.


5) Improve heart health:

In any sports, your body muscles are stretch and squeeze at its optimum level. The kayaking also helps your body to improve the heart rate and increases the cardiovascular health of your body.


There are many other benefits that you will enjoy during kayaking which will help you to improve your overall health. Kayaking is considered the best sports in the world that delivers the best health result. Get your own kayak and start exploring the hidden world.

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