How to Install Fish Finder GPS Combo on your Kayak

kayak fishingKayak boats are known for its ability to move quickly in the water. There are many advantages of kayak compared to the traditional boat. In traditional fishing, the kayak was used mostly in the lake and river.

The Kayak can float in the shallow water and you can maneuver it as you want. In the river located in the forest, the Kayak is the best option for the fishing as moving Kayak is very easy in the water where there are plenty of water trees around the river.

With the normal boat, the managing it is the big issue. The Kayak can be carried easily on your car or wrap down into the small parts. It enables the fisherman to take his boat anywhere and start fishing immediately.


However, the Kayak is not suitable for the commercial use. The storage is the big issue with the Kayak. The boat comes in a small size and it is appropriate to accommodate one person sitting on the boat. You can only place some bags or small storage container in the back.

There will be no scope for expanding the Kayak. It is best for an individual who does the fishing for fun on holidays.


The fish finder GPS combo device will be useful for finding the fish in the water. You can install the device on your Kayak and use it smartly to catch the fish without wasting time roaming around in the water. The device comes handy and it sits on your Kayak dashboard. Once activated, you can track the fish moment under the water.

The device works in deep as well as in shallow water. While scanning the deep water, you can track all kinds of things that resides under your boat. By looking at the pictures on the device screen you can analyze data. The data will tell you whether there are fish underneath or not.


Steps on How to install fish finder GPS combo on your kayak

fishing on kayak fish finder


Understand where you generally go for fishing and choose the device that will work best in a certain environment.


So for that open your kayak and see where you can fix the transducer on your hull. It should be placed in a way where the transfer stays under water. Remember the transducer will not work if it is above the water. The sonar wave that it produces will bounce on the water surface and interact with the surrounding environment.

You will not get proper data if the transducer is not fixed properly. Check your hull in the water. See how much depth it cover and mark the spot accordingly.


Once you are done taking a measurement for the transducer installment, it is time to fix the transducer on back of the hull.

Clean the place before attaching the transducer and make sure there is no dust or anything. Use bolt given in the device kit to fix the transducer on back of the hull.


Your kayak might not have sufficient space on the front of your boat. You can take the help of mechanical stand that moves easily. You have to fix this device holding stand in front of your kayak. Keep in the place where it is not bothering you while driving the boat.

You can also fix that on the left or right side of the kayak. It should be easily view-able from your sit. This stand will hold your GPS screen. Use the bolt to fix the stand in place.


Arrange the cable properly so it will not break or hang around your boat. Pin them properly from inside so that it will not visible as well.


The next step is testing the device in the water. Take your Kayak in the water and activate the device. The transducer will start emitting the sonar wave in the water. This sonar wave will bounce back from the depth of the water and receives in the transducers receiver.

This data will be transferred to the device screen where you will see the object available in the water. If there are fish available under your boat then it will be depicted in the small dots. The objects in between your boat and the seabed are the fish. The large fish will be spotted in the big dots on the screen.


By using these data you can scan the water and place your net to catch the fish effectively. Installation of the fish finder on your kayak is very easy. You do not need much technical knowledge to install it.


Now you know how to install fish finder GPS combo on your kayak. So get one and start using it on your kayak to catch the fish like a pro.

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