How to Clean Fishing Reels Properly?

clean fishing reelHave you ever thought about cleaning fishing reel? The fishing reel is always exposed to the water and environmental pollution such as dust.

You might have a freshwater reel or saltwater reel, in both types of reel you have to look for regular maintenance.


Frequent cleaning will improve the lifespan of your fishing reel. You can avoid repair cost and keep it effective all the time. Cleaning the fishing reel is easy.

However, there are a lot of people who never cleaned their fishing reel, or they might not be aware of the procedure to clean the reel.


Follow this process to clean your fishing reel.


1) Required tool:

You will require some tools to open the fishing reel screw and bolts and remove the delicate hardware component. The right type of tools is essential to give you easy access to the internal hardware. Before you begin the cleaning, gather all the tool in one place and see whether you have sufficient tool to complete your job.

Make sure once you start the cleaning process, you do not have to go back to your hardware storage room to find the additional tool. You might waste your time moving back and forward.


You will require tools such as screwdrivers, tweezers, toothpick and an old toothbrush or any other cleaning brush to clean the hardware component. Also, keep wrench close because you might require that to open certain parts.


2) List of the parts:

There are several types of fishing reels available in the market. Each will consist of different kinds of parts. When you purchase the fishing reel, in the box you will find the list of the parts. If you do not have a list with you, then go to the company website and search for the product where you can find the manual in pdf format or the list document.

You need a list to understand which types of parts are there in the fishing reel while cleaning it. If you miss placing any part, then you can easily buy it from the store.


3) Opening the cover:

The first thing that you will do is remove the top cover. Gently remove the screw and keep the cover aside. Then remove each component and keep then it in the safe place where it cannot fall or get lost. There will be several small particles which will be making the whole fishing reel.

See the place of each component carefully. You have to assemble it again after cleaning and get all the hardware at the same place after the cleaning is done.


4) Remove grease, oil or dust:

To keep the moving part smooth the hardware component will have grease around it. The grease or oil makes the moving parts smooth. The grease allows the moving part to move freely without creating friction.

The friction in two connecting part can damage the hardware or sometimes it breaks if it gets stuck during the operation. Once you remove the hardware component, clean the grease and make the hardware dry.


The dust or sand may get stuck in between the two parts. You have to clean particles from the component and remove anything which does not belong to the fishing reel from inside.


 5) Re-assemble:

In re-assembling, you have first to apply the new grease to each component correctly. Do not assemble the hardware component without grease as it might get stuck during the operation.

Once you are done with grease applying process, the next step is installing each part at its original position. You can take help of the manual to find the exact place of each component.

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Why should you clean your fishing reel?


There are several reasons why you should clean your fishing reel frequently. We have added some of the top benefits of cleaning the fishing reel below.


1) Improve Functionality:

Fishing reel is consistently exposed to the water. The hardware used in the fishing reel stores water and environmental dust inside. After using the fishing reel for a few months, you will encounter the blockage internally. The trapped dust and water will block the core functions of the fishing reel.

As a result, you will be enabled to use it. Proper cleaning of your fishing reel will allow the internal mechanism to remove the dust and water from it. The hardware will get time to dry properly and keep the element in the excellent condition.


2) Increase Lifespan:

Typically the fishing reel is made of using the iron and other hardware components. These elements require you to keep it in dry condition and remove any stuck particles from the hardware mechanism.

If any particles get stuck in the moving part, then you will be unable to use it. Even in worst case if you push the stuck fishing reel handle forcefully, then it can break due to not taking care while handling.


The cleaning allows you to keep the fishing reel in excellent condition without damaging the internal part. The stuck hardware can put the pressure on the small part. Over the period of time, the hardware will decay, and you will have broken fishing reel. To avoid such scenario always clean the fishing reel.


Start cleaning your fishing reel if you have not done yet.

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