Best Portable Fish Finder 2018 [Top 3 Reviewed]

A Portable fish finder can fit on any type of boat easily. It comes in portable small devices, and display screen to view the data on your dashboard. In contrast, the regular fish finders are large in the size. Managing these heavy equipment becomes challenging sometimes. This guide will help you to select the Best Portable Fish Finder device for you.

If you are having a small boat than installation and setting these regular devices on the boat is difficult. The portable devices are mount on the device holder. You do not need to permanently fix them on your dashboard. The device screen is removable and you can take it out completely when it is not in use.

You can carry the device with you when you leave your boat. Such features make the portable Fish Finder a great solution for the fisherman.


There are several types of the portable fish finders available in the market. You might have a large vessel or small fishing boat the portable fish finding devices are made for all types of boats. Even the kayak or a small boat can use the Portable fish finder to mount the device.

Because of its flexibility in use, best portable fish finder device has become more popular in the fishing industry. Many fishermen prefer the portable design when it comes to buying fish finder devices.


best portable fish finder


Some of the best portable fish finder devices



Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

The Garmin Striker portable device comes with the keyed interface. it is known for best portable fish finder 2018. It has dedicated buttons for each feature on the device.

It is available in the portal size of 3.5-, 5- and a 7-inch display. The device has advanced mapping software that maps the depth of the water and enables you to view, mark and navigate to locations.

The Chirp sonar technology used the high frequencies to map the water. It provides the wide range of information on the screen. The data will be accurate and better target separated.

The device has built-in flasher system to view the sonar data in the old fashion way. It is ideal for ice fishing. It is built-in waterproof portable fish finder component.


The material that used in making the product seems not the best.

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Humminbird 409680-1 PiranhaMax 197C PT

The device performs perfectly in the water. It is good inexpensive portable fish finders for kayaks fisherman. It produces crystal clear images on the screen.

The user interface is quite easy to operate. Unlocking the power of fish ID+ is comfortable. The device produces an alarm when it detects potential fish in the water.

The best part of the device is extra zoom facility. It is useful when you want to see what is there in the deep ocean. Using these features are quite simple.

The device operates on the advanced fish finding technology called the Chomp which you will not find on any other devices. The Chomp technology is specially designed to give extra benefit to the fish finder. It makes catching fish easy.

The device is completely portable. You can easily use it on your boat. The kit comes with the batteries and suction cup transducer equipment.


If the Cable length (which is 1 foot) is not sufficient if you are installing the transducer on the back of your hull and screen on the dashboard, you have to purchase the cable separately according to your need.

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Humminbird 5 410260-1 Fish finder

The Humminbird 5 410260-1 Fishfinder has 5-Inch Color WVGA large display to view the data on the screen. It gives you clear images of the data collected from the sonar.

The device is made of portable Chirp dual beam plus sonar technology. This allows the device to scan the depth of the water with accuracy.

The GPS devices have an inbuilt chart to depict the data in the user-friendly presentation. It is built in Anima cartography useful for detecting fish on the screen easily.

The device has the micro SD card slot for storing data. It comes with the slim portable display screen. The screen has Ultra-Bright LCD Displays which is adjustable according to your need.

The device has powerful Precision GPS/WAAS receiver built right in. Its fast position detection technology gives accurate data within the range of 2.5 meters.


No any buyers have reported the serious issue with the device.

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In conclusion

Selecting the right kind OF device for your need is essential for fisherman. First, see what your needs are and select the best portable fish finder device that fits your need. Some Fish Finder devices are made for the shallow water fishing. These kinds of devices lack some basic features such as not availability of the GPS map or not suitable for the deep sea fishing.

So when you are buying the device, you first need to read the facility that it provides. Don’t purchase the device because it has good reviews on the website. The people who are buying the fish finder device might be fishing in the completely different environment than you. So the things that work for them might not work for you.

Do your own research and then select your device accordingly.

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