How to become a Better Kayak Angler?

Better Kayak AnglerKayak fishing is the newest trend today. With the kayaks, it is possible to reach under-fished and remote waters. If you want to become a better kayak angler, it is necessary to be thoughtful about the kayaks that suit for fishing and the accessories that are suitable.

Sometimes kayaking could be something serious. If you want to become a better kayak angler, it would be best that you know what is best for kayak selections and paddling techniques.

Also always choose a place that is full of fish. Selecting a circular route is best for kayaking. Circular courses will have more fishing opportunities.

If you want to become a better kayak angler, you should also have an idea of the weather conditions around you.


The Kayak selection will also help you in becoming a better kayak angler. When selecting a kayak, you should consider factors such as the exact place that you are going to fish in, whether the place that you have chosen has freshwater or saltwater and the type of fish.

The other aspects to remember if you want to be a kayak angler is whether the seating style is comfortable and whether there are enough of storage components. A better kayak angler is well versed in the skills needed for kayaking.

From the way, the angler handles the kayak, you could find out whether he is talented in kayaking or not.  The angler should have an idea about the paddles, anchors, and other kayak equipment.


Being a better kayak angler

If you want to be the better angler, you should be aware of the positioning of the boat, drifting techniques and how one could fish upwards. The best way to position your boat is you have to have your paddle in your lap so that you could reach the paddle if you suddenly want it.

In kayaking, the angler has to change directions all the time and adjust positions to catch fishing. The unique feature of a better angler is that they can paddle with one hand as they hold the rod in the other hand.

There are also different types of techniques apparent in kayaking. For example, the kayaking technique that helps in locating more fish is the drifting technique. The angler can control the direction that its kayak takes him or her by paddling minimum.

Sight fishing is the other technique that an angler should know. Sight fishing uses a raised platform. When sitting low, you could see the tails of the fish, and it is easy to spot fish. Also you can use fish finder gps combo device or specially designed fish finders for kayaks for monitor fish.

catch fish fishing


How to store fish?

Always make sure that you catch fish amounts that would be enough for dinner. Do not exceed the quantity and if you are releasing these fish, make sure that you are going to allow it to survive.  After you have collected enough fish for you, store them.

You could store the smaller fish in a cooler that has ice. A fish bag with ice is good for medium fish and larger fish; you could wrap it in towels.

Safety, while you go on kayaking, is necessary. If you could take on a buddy with you, it would be much better. The weather should also be considered before you go on kayaking.  If the wind is strong, do not go on kayaking because it means the water is rough.

When the water is rough, there is the possibility of the kayak overturning. Also, avoid storms. You could identify a storm if your fishing rod makes a vibration or buzzing sound when in the water.

Please consider these factors before you go on kayak fishing and become a better kayak angler.

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