6 Different Kayak Types

A kayak is small size boat used to move around in the shallow water. It can be used in the deep water as well, but it is generally not recommended. The kayak is propelled utilizing the double-bladed paddle. The person who is driving the kayak has to use the paddle blade to push the boat ahead by moving the surrounding water behind. Kayak is famous all around the world for its flexibility and capability to carry it anywhere while travelling. Some kayak types also comes with the folding capability which makes the storing kayak in your home easy.

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There is a various form of kayak design you will get to see in the market. Some will be single person drive kayak that allows only a single person to use while surfing. And some are double person kayak that gives space to two people.


The kayak will have covered desk and one or more cockpits for the paddler. The paddler can seat in the kayak by keeping the leg in the front. A spray desk will cover the cockpit to prevents the entry of water in the kayak. Sealed deck enables the paddler to roll the kayak in bad condition and avoid getting water filled inside the kayak.



Here are some of the Kayak Types


1) Sit On Top Kayaks:


The sit on top kayaks are easy to manage and provides great stability to the paddler. Paddling for everyone is easy. Even if you are a new paddler, you can learn to Sit on top kayaks in few beginning attempts. You can use the kayak in the sea, estuaries, rivers, lakes, and canals as well. These are mainly used as fishing kayaks.


2) Touring Kayaks:


Touring Kayaks are designed to be stay stable on any sort of water body. It is comfortable to sit and provides sufficient space to get into. The paddling kayak becomes easy in touring kayaks. If you are looking for relaxing kayak experience then using touring kayaks is the best option.


3) Sea Kayaks:


The sea kayaks will be large in size compared to the touring kayaks. It will also have other advantages such as extra performance for testing conditions. It will too faster than other kayaks you find in the category. The wide space and different design make it more comfortable for the sea kayak driving. The large size allows the paddler to make room for the more accessories. You can outfit multiple types of equipment or small size baggage inside.


4) White Water Kayaks:


Whitewater kayaks are designed for an extreme condition. It is generally used to Creeking, river running, playboating and surfing. The material used in the kayak making will be strong enough to face the harsh condition without breaking. In whitewater sports, the kayak has to go thought unfavorable condition which takes kayaks at its extreme level.


5) Kayaks for Children:


You can also buy a small size kayak for your children. It gives small paddlers a great control. Children who want to progress their kayaking skills can choose the children size kayaks for training.


6) Inflatable Kayaks:


Inflatable kayaks are good for carrying anywhere while travelling. It will have a floating mechanism that allows the paddler to float it anytime or anywhere and start using it instantly. Also, it takes minimum storage space so you can keep it in your cupboard as well. It is useful for paddling on the flat water. It is a very stable type among other kayak types that you can use in all types of the water body.



The various types of kayaks are built for a different experience. You can choose the kayak types according to your need.

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